Services Included:

Rail Transportation

Railcar Storage

Railcar Repair Facilities

Switching Operations

Track Construction/Maintenance

Rail Services

Jaguar Transport offers a wide variety of rail services with the intent to meet a customer’s every need. Our network is capable of being a full supply chain solution for a wide variety of commodities and shippers (rail, warehousing, transloading, manufacturing, automotive, handling, intermodal, railroad repair, over-dimensional and specialty handling, trucking).

Rail Transportation – With a strategic network of Class 1 partners, we can find freight solutions that move goods efficiently while offering advantageous pricing.

Railcar Storage – Thousands of railcar storage spaces for long-term and short-term car storage. Our locations are strategically near high-volume Class 1 corridors and robust energy markets as well as central areas that lower inbound and outbound logistics costs.

Railcar Repair Facilities – Many of our locations offer railcar repair services as well as locomotive maintenance support. Our team has an extensive amount of skill through cross-training to handle the everyday wear and tear as well as troubleshooting electrical disconnects.

Switching Operations – On-site switching crews that can customize and adjust service needs daily to meet customer needs. We can provide additional switches to ensure fast, safe, and on-time deliveries, and increased terminal capacity when needed.

Track Construction/Maintenance – Fully capable railroad engineering, design, construction, and maintenance firm providing services for new track construction, track inspection and maintenance, railroad removal/replacement, switch repairs/replacements, and emergency derailment repairs. This service is fully available for industrial and railroad customers.