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Safety, Integrity,
Innovation, Passion, People

This is who we are.

Jaguar Transport Holdings, LLC is an established logistics company providing services throughout the United States. With over five decades of combined transportation experience in the leadership team, we at Jaguar Transport utilize our expertise to offer customers the safest, most efficient, and cost-effective solutions for their shipping, storage, and transloading needs.

Our Story

“We believe in supporting our people, building satisfying careers, continuously focusing on our customers and partners, and planning for financial growth alongside our clients. We’ll gladly say ‘no’ on business that isn’t the right fit – we’re looking for long-term relationships that can be cultivated over time. Our first investment in West Memphis, Arkansas, gave us the opportunity to scale our leadership team diligently. These individuals are zeroed in on serving others and approaching company culture as ONETEAM. We’re excited to be focused on growing organically with private business owners who have a common vision for both value creation and dedication to their people, customers, and partners.” — Stu & Terry Towner

Jaguar Transport Holdings, LLC was created in early 2018 by Terry and Stu Towner. Using their industry knowledge and personal core values as guidance, this father-son duo set out to grow in rail, port, and transload services. The first purchase came in January 2018 with the West Memphis Base Railroad and was quickly followed by the development of a West Memphis Transload facility. In 2020, the Jaguar network grew by 94% with the addition of eight separate operations. Becoming a premier transportation company, the Jaguar team continues to push forward in sustainability, innovation, and business development.

Meet Our Team


Our goal for the future is clear: We aim to become the premier transportation company utilizing our expertise in transportation and logistics. Our entrepreneurial approach builds long-term value for our customers, communities, and partners while maintaining an unparalleled focus on safe, low cost, and sustainable personalized service.


We provide innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers through a daily focus on safety and effective management. By doing so, we take care of our people with our ONE TEAM culture – earning us the right to grow with our customers, communities, and internal stakeholders.



The safety of our Team Members, communities we serve, and our customers is of the utmost importance every single day.


The foundation of our business is built with honesty, transparency, trust, and accountability.


All ideas and contributions are encouraged and respected through a positive, creative environment.


Our Team Members are the most valuable asset in our company. Our company’s dedication to continued training and leadership development is critical for long term success.


To excel through quality, knowledge, and a team working for the right decision every time.